Oregon was first in the nation to have all residents vote by mail. Now it’s pioneering another idea: vote by iPad.

Oregon officials decided to try iPads because their other equipment for helping disabled people vote is nearing the end of its life. The old tools, including laptops with various accessibility modifications, were hauled around in two suitcases and were difficult for election workers to set up.About 800 voters used it in 2010, according to the secretary of states office.Officials hope the iPads portability, simplicity and relatively low cost will make it easier to deploy to more places and reach more voters. People with their own accessibility tools like joysticks and paddles can connect them using Bluetooth wireless technology.”Some people want to vote independently, and theyre the ones that were talking to,” said Steve Trout, state elections director. “Others just want someone to help them, and thats fine too.”

via Oregon looks to iPads to help disabled people vote – Yahoo! Finance.