Nevada ADA

Americans with Disabilities Act



Website accessibility research and experiences

One the best research articles on the meaning and importance of web accessibility. Well worth a read.


For nearly 20 years Australian and international legal requirements have existed around the development of accessible websites. This paper briefly reviews the history of legislation against web disability discrimination, along with the current legal requirements for website development as indicated by current international accessibility specifications, and reports on a manual examination of the accessibility of 40 Australian private and governmental websites. Not one of the 20 largest Australian companies, nor the Australian 20 Federal Government portfolios, were found to have produced a legally accessible website as per Australian standards.


From: Website accessibility: An Australian view. From the Proceedings of the Thirteenth Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC2012), Melbourne, Australia.


Disability among the Working Age Population

The US Census Bureau released a brief on Disability among the Working Age Population: 2008 & 2009. The report indicates Nevada was above the national emplyment-to-population estimate for population with a disability.

See the full brief:

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