The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has ruled that Amtrak is violating federal rules providing access to disabled passengers with hearing impairments with absence of TTY on televisions and passenger information system.

  • lacks required public telephone technology for people who are deaf or hard of hearing;
  • does not provide a visual information system for passengers waiting outside on platforms to update them about delays and schedule changes in train service, and sometimes provides travel information only over loudspeaker; and
  • does not consistently program its televisions to show captions for people who cannot hear.

Source: Richmond Times Dispatch

Amtrak is not required to provide on board visual notifications while the train is traveling, The potential benefits of utilizing contemporary technologies through the use of smart phones could provide cost effective solutions for all users. Rather than investing in costly outdated notifications systems, assuring people with disabilities have access to the appropriate technologies and the data could be a better approach.