Nothing stands still!  An old adage that has found new meaning in the IT industry. Accessibility standards are no different. Russ Weakley, a leading expert in accessibility and design discusses how the Federal Australian government is adoting WCAG 2.0 after requiring WCAG 1.0 since 2000. Read Russ’s comments.

Governments, educational institutions and industry need to move toward adopting WCAG 2.0, accessibility is progress. Transition is key, and planning for change is critical. Here is part of the Australian Government’s Transition Plan

Government agencies will transition to WCAG 2.0 over a four year period, reaching level Single A within two years, and Double A within four years. A Transition Strategy will outline the process for implementation, and will address scope and inclusion issues. The Transition Strategy will be made available on the Web Publishing Guide in July 2010.

Agencies are reminded that it is still a requirement to publish an alternative to all PDF documents (preference for HTML or RTF). Advice on the accessibility support of PDF documents will be made available at the conclusion of the PDF Accessibility Review Project, due early 2010. (Source)